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SEO Lover & Internet Marketing Expert

I'm a lover for Internet Marketing. I like to take the website from scratch and work on it until it is the most famous website of its type in search engines and on the internet as a whole.

I see my work as a challenge. Each website is a new adventure and a new battle for me. So, I analyze my competitors and spy on them, then I put a complete plan for beating them.

Hazem - online Marketing Expert - Saudi Arabia

Some of My Internet Marketing Skills

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the king of all marketing techniques. Here, I make market research, analyze, spy on competitors, plan and design the most optimized website that will make money for my client.

Facebook Marketing

Here I can create business pages and groups, post, comments, reply, make professional ads, reach all potential customers and make a wellknown business brand.

Twitter Marketing

On Twitter, I can reach my more advanced customers, build a solid relationship with them and create marvellous brand awareness.

Linkedin Marketing

On Linkedin, I meet my most advanced customers to give them what they exactly need and want. And above that, I use it to boost my rankings in the search results of Google.

Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus is my great tool to reach the first page in the Google Search Page Results. I use it also as a doorway for Google Maps, Youtube Marketing and Hangouts.

Youtube & Video Marketing

I can create whiteboard animation videos, channels and videos on Youtube and Vimeo. I can also create ads and apply the best strategies to get more and more views and interactions with the videos.

Google Adwords Marketing

This is one of my best tools to get on top of search results in a quick and professional way. I always create my campaigns in the way that will serve the business marketing goals at the minimum budget.

Email Marketing

Money is in the list. Accordingly, I have prepared marvellous and professional tools and techniques to get the best targeted list of potential customers for the business.

Mobile Marketing

I put Mobile Marketing at my first priority. My websites should be mobile friendly to be at the fingertips of my potential customers. Accordingly, I connect with them easily, and they take my desired action.

Viral Marketing

I don't like to work alone, but I like people and especially my customers to work with me. So I use the power of social influence and word of mouth to help spread my ideas and achieve my business goals. 

Some of My Work Experience

Example 1 for online marketing work

Safe Youtube

The safest environment to watch youtube videos
Example 2 for online marketing work

Dar Elshefaa

Drug Addiction Treatment Rehab
Example 3 for online marketing work

Almulla Lawyers

Professional Lawyers and Legal Services
Example 4 for online marketing work

Tsweek Online

My Beloved Blog to teach Internet Marketing

Online Marketing Courses

I have taken many courses in internet marketing. These are some of them ...

Content Strategy for Website

Facebook for Business

Google Adwords Training

Google Analytics Training

Google Plus for Business

Instagram for Business

Keyword Strategy for SEO

Local SEO

SEO for Ecommerce

Twitter for Business

Video SEO

Wordpress SEO

Spying with SEO Tools

Youtube Professional Training

Affiliate Marketing Training